Freshmen English Research

Freshmen English taken Fall Semester of 2012-2013 school year.

There were many writing assignments for this course, but the ones I am sharing pertain to the final research project. For this project, we had to first write a research proposal paper. I chose to write about a current and popular controversy within the scientific community today, Richard Dawkins Vs. Stephen Jay Gould and their differing opinions on evolution. I chose this topic because as a major in Biological Anthropology, evolution and the theories behind it are very important to me. I chose to learn more about these two men and the on-going discussions between them and their followers. Next in the course, we were required to create a PowerPoint presentation and present to the class our topic and why we chose it. Following this was an annotated bibliography and the research paper itself.

Research Proposal

PowerPoint Presentation

Annotated Bibliography

Research Paper

Research Paper Works Cited



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