Victorian Gothic Literature

In this course, we were required to do a number of assignments. The first, the Learning Habits Assignment, required the students to think about the way we learn best and become more reflective about our learning process. We then wrote a short paper to help the instructor shape the course to accomodate the learning styles of the students, and to help the students create strategies for more productive learning. The second assignment, the Interpretive Problem One assignment, required us to choose a short story we had read throughout the course so far (I chose The Last House on C—- Street by Mrs. Craik) and identify an interpretive problem in the text. We then answered six simple questions in detail in preparation for the essay we were to write later. The next assignment, the Interpretive Problem Essay, had us elaborate on the interpretive problem we identified from the short story we chose. We had to then identify some reasons within the text that could contribute to the existence of the interpretive problem. The next assignment was the Interpretive Problem Two assignment. These six questions had use reflect on the Interpretive Problem Essay we wrote, and talk about things we learned about the text and the author while writing the essay. The last assignment is the Final Reflective Commentary. This short reflection shows how I feel that this portfolio as a whole showcases my academic strengths and accomplishments throughout my first year at college.

Learning Habits

Interpretive Problem One

Interpretive Problem Essay

Interpretive Problem Two

Final Reflection


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